Saturday, July 27, 2013

Create Somerset 2013

funky student work from Create NJ 2013

So on monday I had two, TWO! root canals. I swear it knocked the bejeezus out of me. Seriously. My jaw still hurts. Hasn't done a thing for keeping me quiet, however:~)

Back to business.

this was by far one of my most favorite pieces for the week!
I had the pleasure of teaching at Create Mixed Media Retreats in Somerset, NJ last week. This was my second year at this event and it was even better than the first. I truly enjoyed meeting up with gals I met last year and making new friends for the future. I am so blessed that I get to live this dream of the full time artist and the people who attend my classes are instrumental in making it happen. 

Geeze. Now I'm getting all sappy. (Maybe my sore mouth is affecting my edge.)

Since I obviously have nothing witty nor insightful to say maybe it's time for a photo dump from the retreat! These paintings are from my class "release your creative spirit", a class on working intuitively. If you ever have the chance to take this class, seriously, do it! It will up your confidence level 10 fold! Ready...Set...

just love the exaggerated features here

this artist is trained as an architect. it took a little coaxing to get her to see past buildings but so worth it in the end

i had a few students who worked on more than 1 painting at a time.  this gal worked on this one and the portrait below. 

totally different than the bird she painted. I LOVE this piece.
Here's a closeup of the fabulous headpiece from the earlier painting. Beautiful

sweet blue bird by another lady. great dry brush technique

here's a piece still in progress but well on it's way

funky animals

i like the juxtaposition of the larger face with the tiny figure to the left.

underwater portrait by Janet Hutton. Lovely. 

nice negative painting technique here by sosuzi: Susan Bromirski 

also by Sosuzi: Susan Bromirski. 


  1. Hi Staci! Would you mind attributing the last two artworks to sosuzi: susan bromirski? I'd greatly appreciate it! And, the underwater portrait is by Janet Hutton. Thanks for a great workshop!

    1. Done! Sorry about that. I don't have the names of the artwork matched up with the artist. If you recognize any others, let me know and I'll add them too. Glad you enjoyed the workshop. It's always so great to see what everyone does with the same set of instructions.

  2. I LOVED both classes. Thanks Staci. I'm still buzzing!
    Mary L. Stevens, the architecturally trained student.